Monday, October 20, 2008


who ever wants to save Dahisar by any hook or crook please join this community.......This community is created with the hope that we as individuals can make the life of the underpreviliged lil more betterWe as a society should do our part to help them outI saw de concept in a movie,and was amazed by the very thought of it.HELP 3 PEOPLE,DO NOT EXPECT A THANKS. ASK THEM TO HELP OTHER 3 PEOPLE EACH..this way it forms a human chain..We need not work as groups this way and it also helps reduce the burden on each individual..We can work in our vicinity.And if the need arises for help,This community shall STAND AND DELIVER.Please tell ur FRENZ n RELATIVES 2 join in this noble cause!!We shal this way bridge gap between humanity. This site can be used for tellin UR methodology of functioning,this will help US improve in a constructive way.HELP US HELP THEM !!There is a sudden rise in the no. of members. SPAMMERS ARE BEING BANNED